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(c) Maurice Bouten

Developed in co-operation with the renowned Dutch taxidermist and former European Champion Maurice Bouten, our new exclusive series 190MBX represents a unique and life-like reproduction of the real eye. By using silicone moulds, the shape of the original eyes was reproduced 1:1. This shape served as the basis for the production of the glass blank.
To make the insertion easier for the taxidermist, we did not differentiate between the left and right eye.
Due to the individual shape, these eyes are only suitable for some particular kinds of animals.
With this exclusive series and its unique and individual shapes, we offer you first-class quality glass eyes for taxidermy. You will find the 190MBX-series in our online-shop in the category “mammal eyes”.
We offer 5 different types:


for stags and antelopes


for deer and chamois


for foxes and cats


for mouflon and ibex


for dogs

190MBXH for stags and antelopes:

E29 / red stag light

E08 / red stag medium

E32 / antelope dark


Unlike the cc-shape, this eye has a bigger bulge over the iris, which gives the eye a very beautiful depth. The sclerotic part towards the edge of the eye is similar to that of Art. 190IQ.
The eyes are available with oval pupil, black limbus, a light-grayish sclera and red veining. Available in the size 28/38mm (iris diameter 28mm, base diameter 38mm).

(c) Maurice Bouten

190MBXR for deer and chamois:

E32 / deer

E17 / chamois

The oval shape of this eye, which is typical for deer, is unique on the market and gives each mount a very naturalistic expression. These eyes are also produced with oval pupil, black limb, grayish sclera and red veining.
Available in sizes 20/28mm and 22/30mm.


(Click on the image for a detailed view of the eye)

(c) Maurice Bouten

190MBXF for foxes and cats:

H22 / foxes

H12 / wild cat

H13 / cats

At first sight, these eyes resemble our cc-eyes with white banding.
The top is, however, curved more strongly outwards and, like the deer eyes, becomes flatter at the edges. The thickness of the glass over the pupil gives the eyes much more depth than the cc-eyes and thus a much more naturalistic copy of the real foxeye.

These eyes are produced with a slit pupil, black limbus, a white-grayish sclera and red veining. Available in sizes 14/20 and 16/22mm.


(Click on the image for a detailed view of the eye)

(c) Maurice Bouten

190MBXM for mouflon and ibex:

E77 / mouflon

E78 / mouflon

E79 / ibex

Similar to the eyes for deer and antelope (190MBXH), this eye has a slight bulge over the iris, which makes the eyes deeper and thus more lifelike than our standard cc-eyes (190OV). The iris is asymmetric. When setting the eye please be aware that the more slender side of the iris shows towards the back.

Available in 3 different iris colours for mouflon (E77 and E78) and ibex (E79) in sizes 24/32, 26/34mm and 28/36mm.

190MBXD for dogs:





Similar to series 190MBXF for fox and cats these eyes have a relatively flat shape and a slight elevation above the iris. Instead of a slit pupil these eyes come with a round pupil though. Additional features include a white-grayish sclera, a thin dark brown limbus and fine reddish veining. At the moment we offer 4 different iris colours from light to dark brown, suitable for many different breeds of dogs. Other colours can be ordered as a custom design. This series is made in one size only, which fits very well for the most common dogs.

Available in the size 16/22mm.

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