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Europe Eyes
Europe Eyes

For the ultimate in realism, Europe Eyes offers a selection of the finest artificial bird and mammal eyes available anywhere from 4mm to 25mm

Developed by the Danish taxidermist and former European Champion Erling Morch, Europe Eyes offers a very detailed reproduction of bird and mammal eyes. With a special technique realistic color gradients between iris and pupil as well as naturalistic colours can be achieved fast and cost-efficient.

Many well-known taxidermists from all around the globe have already used Europe Eyes in various great Championship mounts for over 20 years.


An excerpt from our product assortment:

Art.No. 180EE - monochrome bird eyes

EM06 EM09 EM20 EM25 EM26
green yellow red dark brown black brown


Art.Nr. 185EE - multicolored bird eyes

EM53 EM60 EM64 EM70A EM70B
Pheasant Jay Wood pigeon Goshawk ad. Goshawk juv.
EM72A EM72B EM74M EM91 EM92
Sparrowhawk ad. Sparrowhawk juv. Buzzard Long-eared owl Barred owl


Art.No. 190EE - multicolored mammal eyes

EM100 EM120 EM300 EM310 EM330
Brown Bear Fox Wolf Brown Hare Squirrel
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